Top tips for recycling in schools

Protecting our environment starts with you! Follow these simple steps for recycling, every little bit counts.

Toxfree Top Tips

In the classroom

Use both sides of the paper! Write or draw on both sides of every bit of paper, including in your work books! When printing you should print on both sides of the paper and remember to put all paper in the recycle bin.

In your lunch box

Don’t wrap your lunch! Use re-useable containers and lunch boxes to store your lunch. Re-use zip lock bags for your sandwiches each day.

Don’t buy bottles of water every day; buy a re-useable water bottle that you can fill up again and again.

Put your lunch scraps in the food waste bin, not in the recycle bin.

In the playground

If you see someone drop rubbish in the yard, ask them to pick it up and let them know they are helping to protect our environment.

At home

Rinse your used plastics before putting them in the recycle bin.

Start a worm farm for all food scraps.