What is Non-PCB Oily Water?


Whilst oil and solid materials, such as soil, are classified as Non-PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenyl) when under 2ppm*, this is not the case with water. The industrial trade waste limit most commonly encountered across Australia is 2ppb^ for PCB’s in water with some authorities advising their discharge limit is nil detect. This is 1,000 times less than that of the perceived PCB free threshold of 2ppm. Storm Water run-off is lower again at <0.5ppb. This creates confusion in the market place with many waste handlers perceiving the oil concentration to be the only result of concern. However, simply removing the oil component, as is the case with most forms of oily water treatment, is not enough to remove the PCB contamination to meet regulatory requirements for discharge.

It has taken Toxfree several years to achieve a viable option for the removal of PCB’s from water and we believe our oily water plant is unique in Australia as it is specifically designed and capable of reducing PCB concentration to <2ppb for sewer discharge.


Toxfree utilises an innovative hydrocyclone design oily water separator that works on a powerful but simple vortex principle. The Oily water is pumped tangentially into a cone shaped separator. This creates a spinning vortex which creates the separation force. The vortex accelerates as it moves down the cone. These strong centrifugal forces separate the heavier water phase to the outside of the vortex while the lighter oil phase moves to the centre. The separated oil is removed through an orifice located in the inlet end and goes on to be treated through the BCD Process; the treated water is discharged through the opposite end and passed through a series of specialist filters devised from closely working with a filtration industry leader when it comes to innovative, state-of-the-art filtration product manufacturing.

*ppm – pumps per million

^ppb – pumps per billion

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