Dolocrete®: Reducing mercury harm to you and your business

Mercury is a naturally occurring heavy metal that can exist in many different chemical forms in the environment. Mercury is released through both natural geological and industrial processes. Industrial activity and past practices now account for the majority of mercury emissions and environmental contamination. The chemical properties of mercury allow transmission between air, water and land.

Increasing environmental awareness has identified mercury and its compounds as a serious pollutant. Today it is considered a highly toxic substance for humans due to its toxic and bio accumulative properties. Mercury poisoning can cause central nervous system, kidney and liver damage in humans. The proven Dolocrete® treatment process delivers outstanding performance for the chemical immobilisation & stabilisation of mercury and its associated compounds.

How can Toxfree help?


Dolocrete® is a patented catalyst and binder system. The combination of specifically chosen materials in the Dolocrete® system enables waste to be chemically bonded within a stable and inert matrix. The system has been rigorously tested by accredited independent laboratories and universities.

Toxfree can handle a range of mercury, including brine sludge, filter cake and iodine.
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