Toxfree are pleased to announce that their Toxfree i-Watch Confined Space Entry System has been awarded the 2014 CME Safety and Health Innovation Award in the Systems Category

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i-Watch is the Toxfree solution to Confined Space Entry

Confined space entry is one of the most hazardous tasks in workplaces.  On a daily basis, numerous Toxfree employees are required, as part of their duties, to perform confined space entry tasks.

Working in confined spaces is such a high risk task, and traditionally, does not include the use of any camera/CCTV device, Toxfree decided to implement a new system for the purpose of reducing risks associated with the works. Toxfree have created a streamlined process, allowing for operators and/or customers to review footage in real time.  In developing the final system, research was conducted and input was gathered from a number of our customers, operators, management, supervisors and leading hands.

The system introduced by Toxfree is called ‘Confined Space i-Watch Surveillance’.

The i-Watch Surveillance system utilises a GoPro digital camera with Wi-Fi capabilities. This package allows the footage to be transmitted to smart phones or tablets, thus allowing operators and/or customers to review the footage in real time and enables them to assess the job thoroughly and complete the required assessments.

The camera can be fitted to a hard hat worn by the operator or attached to a telescopic pole. The GoPro can be secured to a hard hat and/or secured to a harness. The camera is light weight and compact so it doesn’t contribute to a handling hazard.

The GoPro whilst attached to a telescopic attachment allows operators to enter a tank without actually entering to assess the conditions within. Having contained the cameras in a waterproof casing allows it to be subjected to a variety of substances that can be wiped away and the cameras remain intact.

An advantage to using the i-Watch Surveillance system is that as soon as areas of concern are identified, communication via handheld radio takes place immediately and assessments of the surrounding areas can occur to identify solutions. If required, a decision can be made to stop work immediately until adequate controls have been implemented to reduce the inherent risk operators are exposed to.

Where the risk is too extreme, resulting in the work being postponed, the footage allows the customer to assess the situation and assist in implementing appropriate controls to reduce, if not eliminate, the risk/s without having to enter the confined space to assess the situation.

We are pleased to announce that the Toxfree i-watch system has been awarded the 2014 CME Safety and Health Innovation Award in the Systems Category.

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