Laboratories… Are you putting your staff at risk?


Are you storing unwanted chemicals and waste in your laboratory?
Leaving your chemical waste sitting on a bench or in a cupboard could increase the risk of incompatible chemicals reacting dangerously as a result of not being segregated correctly.
Dangerous chemical reactions are particularly high risk in a laboratory environment due to the diverse number of substances used. Laboratory waste may include acids, alkalis, photographic chemicals, paints, solvents, obsolete chemicals, radioactive wastes, contaminated glassware and consumables.


What can you do?
It is recommended that all chemicals and wastes are always packaged, labelled, handled and stored according to their safety data sheet (SDS) and any expiry date strictly observed. All chemicals should be registered on a Chemical Manifest and when ready for disposal, Toxfree can ensure specialist equipment accompanies the collection to manage the removal of items to prevent any hazards and/or risks from occurring in transit.
All items are handled by experienced operators specifically trained for the complexity of waste types and packaging. The sorting of chemicals can be performed by Toxfree’s experienced in house chemists who are able to segregate the various waste types into compatible categories for transport and disposal.

Toxfree is one of Australia’s leading integrated waste management and industrial service provider. Our core values, “Safe, Reliable and Sustainable”, underpin our commitment to offer our customers the safest, most reliable and sustainable waste management solution we can.
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