E-waste – Upgrade to a better outcome

Computer Parts

There is no doubt that we are replacing our electronic goods faster then ever before, therefore it wont come as a surprise that 15.7 million computers reached their ‘end of life’ in Australia in 2007-2008. However only 1.5 million were recycled – that’s less than 10%.

E-waste is made up of electronic items requiring disposal. This could include, but is not limited to, refrigerators, radios, CD/DVD players, telephones, computers, televisions, washing machines, air conditioners, etc.

Electronic Waste can contain toxic materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and brominated fire retardants that are hazardous, difficult to dispose of and potentially damaging to the environment. Electronic waste is responsible for 70% of the toxic chemicals such as lead, cadmium, and mercury found in landfill. E-waste that ends up at landfill could cause hazardous leachate liquid and if not controlled correctly, there is a risk that this can contaminate nearby groundwater, waterways or dams, potentially creating adverse environmental outcomes.

75% of the 3 million computers bought in Australia every year will end up in landfill.


What can you and your business do?

Valuable raw materials such as gold, copper, iron, nickel and silicon can be extracted from electronic components and re-used. Did you know that the average computer monitor contains up to 2kg of lead?

E-waste can be segregated from your normal waste streams and be recycled, as opposed to ending up at landfill. Toxfree has the ability to collect and recycle e-waste nationally to remove toxic materials from landfill and reuse various components.

Toxfree Solutions Ltd is one of Australia’s leading integrated waste management and industrial service provider. Our core values, “Safe, Reliable and Sustainable”, underpin our commitment to offer our customers the safest, most reliable and sustainable waste management solution we can.

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